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Economic Spillovers and Contagion

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Galina Hale (Borisova) is a Professor of Economics at UC Santa Cruz. Previously she served as a Research Advisor at the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, and an assistant professor in the economics department of Yale University. She also taught a number of courses as a visiting faculty at Stanford and UC Berkeley.

Galina began to study economics in Russia, first in Moscow State University economics department and then at the New Economic School's master's program. When in Russia, she briefly worked as a consultant for the Russian Ministry of Finance and as a chief editor for a weekly newsletter of the Russian Central Bank's news agency. She received her PhD in economics from UC Berkeley, under the supervision of Barry Eichengreen.

Galina's research interests lie in three main areas: understanding patterns of international capital flows, stability of financial system, and the nexus between ESG sustainability goals and financial system. Galina has published her work in such journals as the Economic Journal, Journal of Econometrics, Journal of European Economic Association, Journal of International Economics, Journal of Financial Economics, Journal of Banking and Finance, IMF Economic Review, Review of Financial Studies, among others. She co-wrote with Cheryl Long a monograph “Foreign Direct Investment in China: Winners and Losers.” In addition, Galina has been recently working on ways economists can inform policymakers on how to make food system more sustainable.

Galina currently serves as a co-editor of the Russian Journal of Central Banking, associate editor of the Journal of International Economics, and a member of editorial board of the IMF Economic Review and Pacific Economic Review. She has co-edited special issues of the Journal of International Economics and of the IMF Economic Review. Galina is a director of the CEBRA's IFM program and a co-director of the UCSC Center for Analytical Finance (CAFIN). She servers on multiple board and committees in animal welfare and animal agriculture space.

In her free time, Galina trains for and participates in long distance running and triathlon races and travels to beautiful places.

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