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ASSOCHAM & EGROW 24th SMPC on Sep 24, 2022

Key Takeaways
  • The war in Ukraine continues to contribute to price volatility and higher inflation globally
  • Aggressive Monetary Policy tightening is underway, especially across the Advanced Economies
  • The inflation in the US was caused primarily by their expansionist monetary policy history, while in the UK, fiscal policy is responsible.
  • Agressive rate hikes, especially in the US, have rattled the exchange rates across the world
  • India’s growth trend to remain steady in the near future, with inflation staying within manageable limits
  • Increasing focus on reducing interest rate differentials between US and India will prompt RBI to follow Fed’s path in rate hikes
  • Weather uncertainties could impact growth
  • Recession could be expected by year-end
Recommendation and Detailed Views of EGROW Shadow MPC

Board of Directors