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Fourth EGROW Shadow MPC Meeting

Financial sector Roadmap Seminar

Fifth EGROW Shadow MPC Meeting

Sixth EGROW Shadow MPC Meeting

Talk by Prakash Loungani, Assistant Director, IMF, Washington DC

Seventh EGROW Shadow MPC Meeting

Talk by Romain Wacziarg, Professor of Economics, Hans Hufschmid Chair in Management, UCLA

Eight EGROW Shadow MPC Meeting

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RBI cannot ignore unemployment, must cut interest rates at monetary policy review

Dr. Arvind Virmani's interview with Chennai 36, IIT Madras

Third EGROW SMPC Meet on April 2, 2019

Key recommendations:-
  • Shift in Policy stance from Neutral to “Accommodative”.
  • In Indian financial market conditions, long term liquidity is important and should be adequately ensured.
  • Rate cut, preferably by 50 bp; and certainly not less than 25 bp immediately, with 25 bp later.
  • Reduction in SLR.
Key takeaways

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Dr. Arvind Virmani addresses the questions of Journalists


Input from experts on 3rd Shadow Monetary Policy Committee held in April 2019

Nripendra Narayan SarmaNaliniprava TripathyS.J.S. SwamidossMeenakshi Rajeev
Credit led consumerism will not improve quality of life … Nripendra Narayan Sarma … Consumption demand and personal consumer loans are on the rise, which is likely to fuel economic growth. The economy of the North-East India is highly driven by consumer demand. Consumption at the lower strata of the society is an indicator of growth. Allocation of government budget on developmental schemes and…
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Talking Financial Inclusion in Liberalised India - Book Review

Charan Singh
Talking Financial Inclusion in Liberalised India – Conversations with Governors of Reserve Bank of India … Edited by M.S. Sriram, Routledge, Oxon, U.K. Pp.xviii+229. Rs. 795.00 … The book explores the changing landscape for financial inclusion over the years for reforms and liberalisation, and is a collection of interviews conducted by Prof. M S Sriram with Governors from the Reserve Bank of…
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Input from experts on Shadow Monetary Policy Committee on December 2018

Naliniprava TripathyS.J.S. SwamidossNripendra Narayan SarmaR. R. SharmaManoranjan Sharma
Prof. Nalini Prava Tripathi, IIM Shillong … I feel the interest rates should remain at the existent levels or should go down by 25 basis points, to ease the liquidity crunch pervasive in the country and in the finance sector particularly. Monetary Policy as it is known, determines the outlook of the lending and borrowing rates. Major considerations are given to the macroeconomic factors…
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Relevance of Guru Nanak Dev after 550 years

Charan Singh
I must thank Prof. Jaspal Singh Sandhu, Vice-Chancellor, Guru Nanak Dev University for inviting me to deliver this lecture. I am honored by this invitation. I am also humbled because I am a product of this University named after Guru Nanak Dev ji, and many of you as Professors have been my teachers. I have learnt many things in the hallowed and famed halls in this campus, and at your feet. At the…
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