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EGROW Essay Competition 2020 – Challenges of COVID 19

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EGROW Foundation is a research based policy think tank focused on socio-economic research. The scholars associated with EGROW are active researchers, with vast experience, working on various issues of the economy.

Our country, and the world, is passing through an unprecedented phase due to COVID-19. The socio-economic implications for the human race, of this fight with a Virus, a non-living organism, is taking a challenging twist, and can be very different from text book analysis. EGROW Experts have done some research on COVID 19, which is available on EGROW website.

To use our time Productively, and Constructively during the 21-day national lockdown, EGROW is organizing an Essay writing Competition.

Theme: Challenges posed by COVID 19

Submission Categories for Evaluation and Specific Topics

1. Current Students - Undergraduates and below

  1. COVID 19: Socio-Economic Challenges
  2. Looking Beyond COVID 19
  3. COVID 19 Lockout and Air Quality: Lessons for India
  4. COVID 19: India and the World

2. Current Students - Masters and above

  1. COVID 19 and Agriculture
  2. COVID 19 and MSMEs
  3. COVID 19 and Health Services
  4. Sustainability of Supply Chain of Essential Commodities

3. General – Open to All

  1. Human Security as a vital component of National Security
  2. Is Biological warfare a higher threat then Nuclear warfare?
  3. Can India be decoupled from Global Slowdown?
  4. Pandemic Crisis: Lessons for Future


  1. EGROW Certificate
  2. Cash Prize – Nominal
  3. Best Essay to be placed on EGROW’s website
  4. Best Essay Winner presents the Essay in EGROW Event on July 24 at India International Center, Lodhi Road, New Delhi


  1. Word Limit: minimum 4000 words – maximum 5000 words
  2. Language: English
  3. Typed Submission only accepted
  4. Submission Time/Date - 1130 pm on April 30, 2020
  5. Submission Address -
  6. Submission Procedure –
    For General – Name, Telephone, and email
    For Students – Name, Telephone, email, Category and Name of School/College/University.
  7. Self Declaration: The ideas are original and not plagiarized
  8. Announcement of Result – 30 June, 2020 at 2:30pm