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Entrepreneurship for Women Empowerment at grassroot level - Illustrations from Kerala

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The role of entrepreneurship in empowering women at the grassroots level, with a focus on illustrations from the state of Kerala, India. Women's empowerment through entrepreneurship has gained significant attention due to its potential to address gender disparities and enhance socio-economic development. This study explores how entrepreneurial activities can create opportunities for women, enabling them to overcome traditional gender roles and achieve financial independence. Kerala's unique socio-economic landscape serves as an illustrative case study, where women have historically been active participants in various sectors. By examining successful women-led enterprises, this research identifies key factors that contribute to their empowerment, including access to education, skill development, financial resources, and supportive community networks. Furthermore, the study highlights how cultural and societal factors impact women's entrepreneurial journey and identifies strategies to address these challenges. The research employs a mixed-methods approach, combining qualitative interviews, surveys, and case studies to provide a comprehensive understanding of the topic. Findings indicate that entrepreneurship equips women with decision-making abilities, self-confidence, and leadership skills, challenging conventional norms and fostering gender equality. These insights contribute to a deeper understanding of entrepreneurship's transformative potential for women at the grassroots level, offering policymakers and practitioners valuable insights to design targeted interventions that promote gender-inclusive entrepreneurship and sustainable development.

About the Speakers

Dr. Nirmala Padmanabhan was a faculty of Economics for 26 years for post-graduation and graduation and has handled subjects such as financial markets and systems, international trade and monetary systems. She has experience in budget analysis and analysis of economic issues of the country and in rural economic development as part of the Unnath Bharath Abhiyan / community development projects. Presently, she is the Dean of Extension and Incubation in St. Teresa's College, Ernakulam with overall charge of community development projects undertaken by the college and responsible for overall guidance to the business incubation and entrepreneurship development initiatives of the college.

Dr. Nirmala Padmanabhan was Member of the Public Expenditure Review Committee of the Government of Kerala in 2020-21. She was also a Member of the Working Group on Gender and Development to prepare Plan of Action for 14 Five Year Plan of the Government of Kerala in 2021-22. She was also a Member of the Working Group on Financial Resource Mobilisation to prepare Plan of Action for 14 Five Year Plan of the Government of Kerala in 2021-22. Dr. Nirmala Padmanabhan is a Director in and holds 6.94% of the paid-up capital of BhuME Women's Collective Pvt. Ltd. Dr. Nirmala Padmanabhan is a post graduate in economics and holds a doctorate and has special knowledge and practical experience in economics.

Dr. Nirmala Padmanabhan was appointed on the Board of the Bank with effect from 09.11.2022.