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Finance Commission and the North-East

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The Finance Commissions play a pivotal role in shaping the economic landscape of North East India. The panel will dissect the intricate relationship between budget allocations, finance commissions, and the region's development trajectory. The discussion will involve key themes such as fiscal policies, resource allocation, and the impact on sustainable development. It will provide insights from experts suggesting policies influencing the growth paradigm in North East India.

About the Speakers

E. Bijoykumar Singh

E. Bijoykumar Singh is Professor of Economics at Manipur University. He has been teaching Econometrics and Microeconomics at PG level and Data base of the Indian Economy at M.Phil/Ph.D. level. His areas of interest are Development Issues of North Eastern Region of India including border trade, Public Finance and Econometrics. He is an active member of North eastern Economic Association , the Indian Econometric Society ,the Indian Economic Association and Manipur Economic Association. He has edited 3 books and written extensively on various aspects of development in the northeastern region of India. Prof. E. Bijoykumar Singh was educated at Ramakrishna Mission School, Narendrapur, West Bengal (1968-74), Hindu College (1974-77) and Delhi school of Economics, Delhi University(1977-1983).

Damodar Nepram

Damodar Nerpam is Professor in Department of Economics at Manipur University. He is also currently working as the Director, Centre for the Study of Social Exclusion and Inclusive Policy, Manipur University. Before joining Manipur University, he was teaching in Churachandpur College. He specialize in Public Finance and Development Economics. Currently he is also doing research in taxation and VAT.

Sumarbin Umdor

Sumarbin Umdor is Associate Professor, NEHU (2012-15) Professor (2015- till date). His areas of interest are Microfinance/Participatory Development/ Rural Credit in Northeast India/Decentralized Planning/ Local Self Governments in Northeast India/ Livelihood in Upland Area of Northeast India/Evaluation Studies. He has held several positions viz Chairman, NEHU Covid-19 Committee for Students (2020-21) Deans of Students’ Welfare, NEHU (2018-2021) Teacher-In-Charge of Sports Department, NEHU (2016-2021) Public Relations Officer, NEHU (2008-2010) NEHU Coordinator of UGC Coaching Programme for Entry in Service for Students Belonging to SC/ST/OBC and Minority Communities (2008-2012) Project Adviser, Social Economic Life Development Association-NGO (1999-2003) Member, Executive Committee of the Board of Management of the North Eastern Region Community Resource Management Society, North Eastern Council, GoI & International Fund of Agriculture Development (2000-2002). He has several publications in books and journal. He is M.A, Ph. D (NEHU).

Biswambhara Mishra

Professor Biswambhara Mishra has been a faculty member at NEHU since 1987. Along with his expertise in teaching in Public Economics and Finance and other subjects his primary focus lies in government finances and fiscal policies. His research pursuits extend to projects addressing critical issues faced by border areas, tax efforts, and optimal utilization of public resources, all aimed at understanding their impact on the developmental landscape of the North-Eastern region. His advisory roles extend beyond academia; he actively contributed as a member of the Twelfth Five Year Plan Perspective for the Department of Science and Technology, Government of India. He also served as a consecutive member of the Meghalaya Commission on Resource Mobilisation. He is a Ph .D and M.A in Economics from Utkal University.