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Indian Economy

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Need for the Course:

This course aims to provide participants with a comprehensive overview of key aspects of India's economy. This course is designed for individuals who are interested in gaining a better understanding of the Indian economy, its growth story, and its various sectors. By exploring topics such as India's growth story, trends in Indian agriculture, analysis of the industrial sector, healthcare, foreign trade, and the Indian financial system, participants will gain valuable insights into the dynamics and intricacies of one of the world's fastest-growing economies. Whether you are a professional, entrepreneur, policymaker, or simply someone interested in learning about India's economy, this workshop will provide you with the knowledge and understanding to make informed decisions and engage in meaningful discussions about India's economic landscape.

Key Program Contents:

  • India's Growth Story
  • Trends in Indian Agriculture
  • Analysis of India's Industrial Sector
  • Healthcare in India
  • Indian Financial System

Training Program Highlights

  • Objective: To orient the people regarding Indian Economy.
  • Methodology : The sessions would be mix of online lectures, case studies, success stories and Group Discussions.
  • Eligibility : Ongoing Graduates, Graduates, Post Graduates and Working Professionals
  • Program Director: Dr. Shalini Singh Sharma, Professor & Head Banking Research, EGROW Foundation
  • Faculty : Experts from the respective field including Former IIM faculty, Former RBI officials and Former IES Government of India officials will cover different topics.
  • Platform : Cisco Webex
  • Duration : February 12 - February 16, 2024 (7:30 PM - 8:30 PM),
  • Contact Person: Dr. S.S. Sharma
  • Phone: +91 120 3693 886 (Mon-Sat, 10:30am-6:00pm)
  • Mobile: +91 8527 341 080
  • Email ID:
  • Program fee : Rs. 2,000 (inclusive of 18% GST) per participant.
  • Certificate : Every participant who successfully completes the training will be provided with a digital certificate of participation.