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India’s Techade: Digital Revolution and the Change

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Over two decades, and across two different political regimes, the world’s largest democracy combined the rise of cheap mobile phones, cheap data and a unique digital ID system to create an unprecedented revolution in digital public goods. This included the rise of path-breaking fintech systems like Unified Payments Interface (UPI), the creation of a new kind of welfare state based on digital direct benefit transfers and interlinked e-governance systems that brought almost half a billion people who never had bank accounts into the financial system. India’s Techade pieces together the story of how this digital revolution came to be. It is a crisp, yet comprehensive account of the systems, the innovators, the processes and the political will that drove the digital enterprise across India. A must-read for anyone who wishes to understand the transformative nature of technology and its deep impact on Indian society, politics and culture.

About the Speakers

Sanjiv Shankaran

Sanjiv Shankaran writes for the edit page of the Times of India. He has been a journalist for 26 years and has mostly covered financial markets and political economy for newspapers, a magazine and a wire agency.

Prof. Nalin Mehta

Professor Nalin Mehta is Dean, School of Modern Media, UPES; Non-Resident Senior Fellow, Institute of South Asian Studies, National University Singapore; and Group Consulting Editor, Network18. He is an award-winning political scientist, journalist and author who has held senior leadership positions in major Indian media companies; international financing institutions like the Global Fund in Geneva, Switzerland; taught and held research positions at universities and institutions in Australia, Singapore, Switzerland and India.

He was previously Executive Editor, The Times of India-Online The Times of India-Online, Managing Editor, India Today (English TV channel) and Consulting Editor, The Times of India. Mehta’ is the author of six best-selling and critically acclaimed books, including The New BJP: Modi and the Making of the World's Largest Political Party, India on Television (winner of the Asian Publishing Award for Best Book on Asian Media, 2009), Behind a Billion Screens (Longlisted as Business Book of the Year, Tata Literature Live, 2015), and Dreams of a Billion (winner of the 2022 Ekamra Sports Book of the Year Award), co-authored. His latest book is India’s Techade: Digital Revolution and Change in the World’s Largest Democracy.