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Macroeconomic Policy in India since the Global Financial Crisis

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The speaker shall analyse the performance of Indian economy since the Global Financial Crisis to the COVID-19 effect through an examination of the growth rates of GDP. It brings out the factors that have influenced those trends. He further highlights the opportunities present in an emerging economy with vast under-utilised labour. He puts forward plausible macroeconomic policy framework that can take advantage of the situation and promote growth and development.

About the Speaker

Dr. Sebastian Morris is Senior Professor, and Chair of the Centre for Public Policy and Governance at the Goa Institute of Management. Earlier he had been teaching macroeconomics, infrastructure, Indian economic performance, and public policy at the Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad for over 25 years. He initiated and edited the pioneering India Infrastructure Reports on various themes, which set the discussions for infrastructure reform in India. He was the lead author of the book Growth and Transformation of Small Firms and had originally designed and delivered several programmes for senior civil servants including Phase V programmes covering governance and economic strategy, economic reforms, regulation and policies for enhanced public value creation. He was also ICCR Chair Professor at the Copenhagen Business School, and Ford Foundation Fellow at the University of Pennsylvania, in addition to which he has been a consultant to various governments. He has taught extensively in the executive programmes of the IIMA engaging on the Indian economy, its growth and transformational challenges.

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