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Nepal's Agriculture

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The panel shall deliberate on the current state of the Nepal's agrarian sector. Recent data underscores the significance of agriculture, employing over 60 percent of Nepal's workforce and contributing substantially to the GDP. However, challenges persist, including climate change impacts and the need for modernization. In the past, agricultural output faced disruptions, with a notable decline in certain crop yields. The discussion aims to unravel these challenges, emphasizing the urgency of sustainable practices, technological adoption, and policy interventions and seeks a course for resilient agriculture, ensuring food security and economic stability in the face of contemporary challenges.

About the Speakers

Dr. Ashok Vishandass

Ashok Vishandass, Professor (Applied Economics) (IIPA) has interest in Sustainable Agriculture, Risk Management, International Trade & Commerce. As ex-Chairman (CACP) in the Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare at the level of the Secretary to the Govt. of India, he has rich experience of formulation of Agriculture Price and Non-Price Policies, nuances of fixing MSP of various agriculture commodities. Before joining IIPA, he had also served FAO of United Nations Organisation (UNO) as the Chief Technical Adviser. In his stint with the UNO, he provided high-level technical and economic advice relating to Food Security, SDGs, agricultural Marketing and brought out eight Reports.

Dr. Aruna Phalike

Dr Anuna Phalike is an agricultural economist cum monitoring and evaluation expert with more than 15 years of tremendous experience in Nepal’s agriculture development sector. She graduated with my master's and Ph.D from the Tokyo University of Agriculture in International Bio-business Studies. Since then, she worked on various projects funded by different donor organizations like the World Bank, ADB, and USAID in Nepal. She have devoted herself to diverse research projects, program management, planning, coordination, data management, data analysis, monitoring, and evaluation in agriculture-based projects in Nepal. Currently, She is working as Project Team lead at the Institute for Integrated Development Studies, ( IIDS), Nepal for the projects collaborated with the International Food Policy Research Institute(IFPRI).