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Socio-Economic Implications of Covid-19 for Marginalized Communities

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Dr Tanuka Endow has a Ph.D. (Economics) from the University of Calcutta, M.A. from Delhi School of Economics and B.Sc. (Economics) from Presidency College, Calcutta. She has worked extensively in the area of education, including on the issues of out of school children and low cost private schools. She has worked on Human Development reports for various states including Delhi and Uttarakhand, where she has contributed towards the issues of education and gender. She has also engaged in preparation of Vision documents for Uttarakhand and Delhi based on the Sustainable Development Goal framework. Her research areas also include urban development and employment, and she has led studies on rural-urban linkages in Bihar. She is currently engaged in finalisation of a report on the post-Covid situation for vulnerable populations in India. Dr Endow has a number of publications in reputed journals and is one of the editors of a book on human development in the global South. She has authored a number of working papers on education, urban development and one on gender-based violence.

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