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Economics, Finance & Banking for Legal Professionals

Need for the Training Program:

The Legal Professionals in their day-to-day functioning usually encounter various issues inter alia involving basic concepts and terminologies pertaining to Economics, Banking & Finance and they find themselves not very well conversant with the technical terms which are in vogue

Recognizing this, the EGROW Foundation has proactively designed a two days training program for the Legal Professionals which will provide an ideal platform to acquaint themselves with important issues relating to the Finance, Banking and Economics.

Key Program Contents:

  • Economic, Banking & Finance – Contemporary Issues and Challenges.
  • Banking Terminology, Negotiable Instrument Act, RBI Act, etc.
  • Understanding NPAs - Their Life Cycle Management, and Impact on Banks’ Balance Sheets.
  • Legal and Non-Legal Methods of Recovery - Role of Civil Courts, DRT, NCLT, etc. and Best Practices Prevalent in Banks.
  • Regulatory Framework under IBC, NCLT, Mergers and Acquisitions.
  • Valuation of Assets with respect to Security.
  • Risk Based Classification of Customers, PMLA, KYC, etc.
  • Types of Bank Credit, Charges, Methodology and Enforcement.
  • Fund and Non-Fund Credit Facilities – Terminology, Case Studies on Banking Frauds

Training Program Highlights

  • Objective: To orient the Legal professionals regarding contemporary Economic, Financial and Banking Developments & challenges ahead.
  • Methodology : The sessions would be mix of lectures, case studies, success stories and Group Discussions.
  • Program Director: Dr. Shalini Singh Sharma, Professor & Head Banking Research, EGROW Foundation
  • Faculty : Experts from the respective field will cover different Topics.
  • Venue : Annexe 1, SCOPE Convention Centre, Lodhi Road, Pragati Vihar, New Delhi.
  • Duration : Two Days (Non-Residential), April 12-13, 2023 (9.00 AM – 6:00 PM)
  • Contact Person: Dr. Shalini Singh Sharma, Email ID: