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Past papers of EGROW Researchers


Arvind Virmani

Economics papers

Investment: Corporate India and Households (September 2017)

Deceleration, Demonetization and GST: Growth Prospects and Policy Solutions (September 2017)

Fall and Rise of India (October 2013)

A New Regional Doctorine for India (April 2013)

Under Nourishment in Children: Causes of Inter country variation (October 2012)

Building a New Global Financial Institution: Equity-Vote Share in A South-South Development Bank (March 2012)

Averting a Euro-Meltdown: Sharing Global Responsibilty (December 2011)

Indian Economy: Shooting Star or Growth Star (HGE)? (December 2011)

Shaping the Indian miracle: Acceleration towards high growth (January 2010)

Impact of Major Liberalization on Productivity: The J Curve Hypothesis (October 2009)

Factor Employment, Sources and Sustainability of Output Growth: Analysis of Indian Manufacturing (April 2009)

Macro-economics Management of the Indian Economy: Capital Flows, Interest Rates and Inflation (November 2007)

Causes of Child Malnutrition in India (July 2007)

The Sudoku of Growth, Poverty and Malnutrition: Policy Implications for Lagging States (July 2007)

Child Nutrition: Causes of Inter-State Variation (April 2007)

Planning for Results: The Public Accountability Information System (March 2007)

Indian Economy: Shooting Star or Marathon Winner? (February 2007)

Sources of Growth in the Indian Economy (February 2007)

India-China Economic Cooperation (September 2006)

China's Socialist Market Economy: Lessons for Democratic Developing Countries! (June 2006)

The Dynamics of Competition: Phasing of Domestic and External Liberalisation in India (April 2006)

Sustaining Employment and Equitable Growth: Policies for Structural Transformation of The Indian Economy (March 2006)

Lessons of Goverment Faliure: Public Goods Provisions and Quality of Public Investment (February 2006)

Poverty and Hunger in India: What is needed to eliminate them (February 2006)

Towards a Competitive Economy: VAT and Customs Duty Reforms (March 2002)

Excess Food Stocks, PDS and Procurement Policy (December 2001)

India's 1990-91 Crisis: Reforms, Myths and Paradoxes (December 2001)

National Security and Foriegn Policy Papers

Effect of China Economic Slowdown on India (April 2017)

India's National Security Doctrine: An Approach (June 2016)

Indo-US Relations in the 21st Century (January 2014)

India-China Relations: Key is Symmetry (May 2013)

Transformation of The World Economy and Evolution of Global Power (September 2012)

China’s Foreign Policy Under New Leaders: Continuity or Change? (December 2012)

Globalization, Growth and National Security (March 2011)

The Economic Foundation of National Power: From Multi-Polar to Tri-polar World? (2008)

World Economy, Geopolitics and Global Strategy: Indo-US Relations in the 21st Century (November 2006)

Global Power from the 18th to 21st Century: Power Potential, Strategic Assets & Actual Power (December 2005)

A Tripolar World: India, China and US (May 2005)