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Pramod Kumar Sinha

Expertise: Public Advocacy and Public Sector Management

Dr. Pramod Kumar Sinha, PhD, is a highly accomplished social reformer, and visiting faculty, renowned for his expertise across diverse sectors and platforms. With a strong focus on public policy advocacy, corporate planning, business strategy, entrepreneurship, market research, and project evaluation, he has been a driving force behind positive change and empowerment initiatives.

Dr. Sinha holds an MBA (Full Time) and a Ph.D. in Management, with a specialization in "Sustainability of Startups in India," providing him with profound insights into the ever-evolving business landscape.

Throughout his career, he has attended executive and management development programs at prestigious institutions, including NITIE Mumbai and IIM Kolkata. He has also benefited from executive coaching by world-renowned experts at ISB Hyderabad, enriching his leadership and management acumen.

With a passion for organizing impactful events, Dr. Sinha has played a pivotal role in conducting numerous programs, CEOs conferences, and events at national platforms, addressing critical issues such as governance, CSR, startups, and corporate communication. His commitment to sustainable development is evident through his published articles on emerging topics.