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Shalini Sharma

Expertise: Economics

Dr. Shalini Sharma received her Master in Economics from Punjabi University, Patiala in 1995 and Ph.D Degree A.M.U, Aligarh in 2004. Her Ph.D research was in the area of “ Determination of Foodgrain Prices in Indian Economy” and was examined by Prof. Anne Carter of Harvard University, Massachuttes. Currently, the professor of Economics at Christ Deemed to be University, Ghaziabad; Dr. Sharma has held several position of responsibilities in her teaching career. She was the Director of Amity School of Economics; Associate Dean at IILM academy of Higher Learning; Head of the Department at GNIT CM; Acting/officiating Dean in Sharda University; Head of Department (Economics & Finance) in SBS; and Officiating Dean SHSS, Galgotias University.

Dr Shalini Sharma has also been an active member of the Academic board of School of Business Studies, Sharda University and has acted as a guide to several aspiring Ph.D students. Some of her recent published works include, a Policy Exploration around constraining factors of Women Entrepreneurship: A step towards women empowerment; Opportunity Cost and Commercial Real Estate: Noida and Gurgaon; and Impact of E-Commerce on India’s Exports and Investment. She has also contributed significantly to international journals and conferences. She has also been awarded AICTE full travel grant for presenting three papers in the XVI International Conference on Input Output Techniques at Istanbul, July 2007.