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India Moving Up Power Scale, Set To Become Third Largest Economy By 2030, Say Experts

After India overtook the United Kingdom as the fifth largest economy in the world, experts suggest that by 2030 India will become the third largest economy globally.

"India is moving up the power scale and according to my earlier forecast by 2028 - 2030, we will become the third largest economy in the world," said Arvind Virmani, Former Chief Economic Advisor.

"It's the trend which is important, which will affect perceptions, it will affect our foreign policy and how we deal with various countries and it will affect the perception of India. It will affect the perception of different people or where India is. So, over the last 20-30 years, people have begun to see that we are far behind China. This will hopefully start changing the perception," Virmani said.

This is the second time India has beaten the UK in terms of economy, with the first one being in 2019

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