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India needs to guard against Chinese manoeuvres in the neighbourhood

03-May-2019 by Mohinder Pal Singh

China’s repeated defiance of the efforts to nab the perpetrators of terror has certainly not augured well with the world powers. China is a true believer and practitioner of Sun Tzu’s ‘Art of War’, which is replete with using all methods of defeating its enemies other than war. Use of deceit is the cornerstone of Sun Tzu’s philosophy of victory without going to war. When the world is witnessing an unprecedented fillip to cases of terrorism, China’s imperviousness clearly smacks of a tacit support to its perpetrators. The recent veto by China to the proposal mooted by France to declare Masood Azhar an international terrorist has serious implications not only for India but for all the countries who are victims of global terrorism. Though the China-Pakistan nexus may assume a nebulous victory at the United Nations, it has actually defeated the very purpose for which the UN was created 75 years ago – peace in the world. China does not have any cogent reasons to support its veto except its parochial economic expansionist interest. When seen in the backdrop of its indulgence with other countries in India’s neighbourhood, it gives multi-dimensional indicators to any South Asian analyst.

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