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Press note on appointment of Indermit Gill as Chief Economist, World Bank

EGROW Foundation extends heartiest congratulations to Dr. Indermit Gill on his appointment as the Chief Economist, World Bank.

Indermit has two distinctive advantages. One he is an insider who has risen through the ranks and therefore knows the bank inside out, and can more easily help to raise the quality of World Bank advice. Second, being from a Emerging economy, he has better understanding of the conditions & constraints under which EMDCs operate and can better guide development of policies more suited to & sustainable in their condition

Dr. Indermit was team leader for the WDR on urban development. As Urbanization is a key driver of economic growth in developing countries and urbanization is projected to accelerate during the next decades, He is best positioned to guide urbanization to maximize inclusive growth!

His pioneering work on Economic Geography significantly contributed to new thinking on the subject.

It is truly gratifying to see him rise to the top with his professional competence, diligence, dedication & hard work.

We wish him the very best as Chief Economist of the World Bank.

Dr Arvind Virmani, Chairman, Foundation for Economic Growth and Welfare
Dr. Charan Singh, CEO, Foundation for Economic Growth and Welfare