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Tackling Covid-19 in Monsoon

27-Apr-2020 by Mohinder Pal Singh

With South-west monsoon at our doorstep, are we prepared to face the lashing rains amidst the corona pandemic?

With 14% share of the $2.8 trillion economy the agriculture sector in India is indeed India's archilles heel which must be protected at any cost. 50% of India's arable land is completely dependent on monsoon and hence the amount of rainfall can sway economic activity every year by not only directly imapacting the agriculture produce also the industries linked to it.

According to Indian Meteorological Department(IMD) classification, which calculated at a 50 year average, 88cm of rainfall is termed as normal or average in 4 months, June to September. A 10% defecit may cause drought and a 10 percent increase may cause floods in some areas. This year as we are just 6 weeks away from the first thunders to hit the Kerala coast the big dilemma awaits everyone i.e. how the monsoon will behave this year.

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