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Perennially Vulnerable Siliguri Corridor- Past and Future

Aug-2019 by Mohinder Pal Singh

The perennially threatening Siliguri Corridor, a narrow passage to the eight north eastern states of India is a vexing question in the national security. Strategically, it is the Achilles heel in the defence of almost 2000 kilometres of land borders in the north eastern states with China and Myanmar. This piece of land is about 60 kilometres in length and meagre 22 kilometres wide at its narrowest point. With a plain terrain not interspersed with any natural or manmade obstacle this patch makes defensibility a real challenge. Its vulnerability is discussed in all kinds of military war games and national security discourses and detailed plans to deny any enemy intrusions are prepared. However, the issue of Siliguri corridor always come to fore with any Chinese move in Chumbi Valley or places like Dokalam which overlook this patch. Undoubtedly, this 2000sq km stretch of land will be the prime and early target of the enemy during any confrontation. Hence, the road corridor passing through it becomes a vital piece of ground for us which must be defended at all costs.

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